Devicom International Inc.

Founded in 2002, Devicom International Inc. is an e-commerce solutions company with offices in Southern California and China. Our goal is to partner with select retailers, and by utilizing technology and digital marketing, help develop their online business.

The Devicom Int'l offices interact seamlessly, with our China office located in the country's largest city and financial epicenter, Shanghai. Both are headed by industry leaders that have years of experience, and possess an expansive background in e-commerce and logistics.

We offer complete e-commerce solutions enabling US-based merchants to efficiently enter the Chinese market. Our solutions make it possible to experience the financial benefits of a completely new revenue stream without having to establish a presence in China, understand their customer's needs and buying practices, interact with China's local administration, or acquire the knowledge of China's complicated tax liabilities.

Success Story

With extensive expertise of every facet of the e-commerce business in the United States, Devicom Int'l first built into a leading online fashion retailer with an impeccable reputation within the industry and with its customers. This precise knowledge and experience of the online marketplace has translated into increased sales for for 10 consecutive years, including the addition of a new revenue stream due to a partnership with China's principal B2C website, Tmall.

In January 2012, Devicom Int'l introduced US-based to China's market by partnering with Tmall. Utilizing our expansive knowledge of China's e-commerce market, proprietary development of sophisticated solutions, understanding of the country's marketing/branding practices, and a close relationship with Tmall, saw an immediate ROI. Within one year, revenue from China grew to one quarter of all US revenue, and this previously untapped stream is projected to equal's US revenue within three years.

What We Do

Tmall Storefront

Devicom Int'l starts by partnering with Tmall and creating a sophisticated ecommerce storefront. Our solutions are fully optimized for the market in China and customized for China's customer behavior, this includes:

  • Customizing applications to connect with the US merchant's catalog.
  • Aligning US merchant's marketing content with the catalog structure on Tmall.
  • Automating catalog creation and management.
  • Translating all product information and marketing materials.


We believe the best way to launch a US merchant in China's oftencomplicated online marketplace is to partner with their marketing team. Devicom Int'l will integrate our expertise of China's consumer behavior and deep understanding of the rules/regulations/policies of China's online marketplace to build a strategic marketing plan that's customized to a merchant's specific needs.

Devicom Int'l will also create a pricing strategy and marketing plan that is built to motivate consumer behavior in China and maximize sales without jeopardizing branding.

Sales Team and Customer Service

Research has shown that the great majority of e-commerce sales in China are directly attributed to support via live chat, meaning every merchant's success is directly affected by their customer satisfaction rate. Working onsite in the Shanghai office, our experienced and well-trained Chinese team provides exceptional sales support and quality customer service. They also facilitate all product returns, eliminating the hassle of processing international returns.

Back Office Integration

Our customizable applications integrate the back office system of a US-based merchant with Tmall to automate order processing, order status updates, and provide real-time inventory management. These sophisticated applications require minimal to no development on the US-merchant's existing back office system.

Payment Solution

Although Alipay, the only payment solution provider on Tmall, has strict buyer protection policies and regulatory procedures that can delay funds to a USbased merchant's bank account by up to 20 days, we alleviate that potential problem.

Devicom Int'l has created an instant payment solution for US merchants to assist cash flow, and simplify accounting.

Other Local Support

We also assist US merchants with:

  • Trademark registration in China.
  • Obtaining a local domain name.
  • Increase marketing reach offline.
  • Public relationship management.

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics

We have developed the most cost effective shipping strategies and solutions based on the specific demands of every US merchant we partner with. This includes daily sales volume, product profiles, and each customer's desired shipping need. Shipping options include, but are not limited to:

  • UPS/FedEx/USPS
  • Consolidated shipments and local redistribution.
  • Alternative carriers in China.

With our experience and extensive knowledge of the rules and policies of Chinese customs, we are able to ensure all shipments are expedited through customs promptly while properly managing import duties and taxes.

Contact Us

Devicom International Inc.

16010 Bloomfield Ave.
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Job Duties:

Analyze financial information and prepare financial/accounting reports for the company: compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts; document and verify business transactions; keep record of transactions; prepare balance sheet, profit and loss statements; audit transactions; prepare payroll, cash management and tax documents.


Master degree in Accounting or Finance

Interested applicants should send their resumes/letters of qualifications to: Devicom lnternational lnc. dba, 16010 Bloomfield Ave. Cerritos, CA 90703. Attn: Human Resources Department.